Every Chess Master Was Once A Beginner

We offer structured, professional chess training

Suitable for different levels

Courses at Comoun Fan School are divided into three categories: beginner course, intermediate course, and advanced course.

Chess has the power to foster creativity, advance concentration, critical thinking skills, memory and imagination.

Chess Openings

Keep pawn moves to a minimum

There’s no point advancing all our pawns while other pieces stay at home, unable to join.

Knights before bishops

Knights can put pressure on the centre while staying protected themselves. For example, the knight on f3 can be guarded by the g2 pawn.

Chess Techniques Used by Advanced Chessers

All the pieces in their best positions

The pieces of the master seem to be stronger. Why? Because they know to place them in safer outposts, with more activity, more tasks and in better cooperation with the rest of the pieces.

Pressure on the Weaknesses

This brings the initiative. The player with the initiative can carry on with his/her tasks easier as he/she advance while their opponent has a passive role and just defends.

Why Should You Consider Taking on Chess?

Patience and Concentration

This sport requires remembering a lot of concepts and strategies, so if you can’t concentrate and be patient you won’t prevail.

Encourages Studying

Chess players are able to apply the habit of practicing to other things. They also develop the ability to adapt to different circumstances.

Logical Thinking

Chess teaches you how to think logically and make the right choices.

Jordan Edgar

Instructor at Comoun Fan School

Comoun Fan School will provide you with all the best material to become a chess expert.

Most beginners have problems improving at chess because they simply lack the foundation needed to build upon. Start with learning the basics and planning your strategy.

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